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Jason A. Dixon is a former journalist, basketball coach and mental health specialist turned author, motivational speaker, and educator. Any given day may find him speaking at a school assembly, keynoting a commencement, conducting a leadership workshop, or hosting a seminar for athletes.

Known as “The Greatness Coach,” Jason’s heart pumps passion, produces positive change and, inspires young people to trade in their goods for greats.

When he speaks, Jason connects on an intimate, intense, and individual level. His story is moving, his words excite, and his energy is infectious. Jason does not just speak to speak; he speaks a language that educates, elevates, and empowers audiences.

As one of the leading voices for young people, Jason is on a mission to remind them it is never too late to discover the greatness within and fulfill your potential. 


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PO Box 350791 | Toledo, OH 43635