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Jason A. Dixon is a former journalist, basketball coach and case manager turned author, motivational speaker; and educator. Any given day may find him empowering students, keynoting a commencement, conducting a leadership workshop or hosting a seminar for athletes.

Known as “The Greatness Coach,” Jason’s heart pumps passion, produces positive change and inspires young people to trade in their goods for greats.

When he speaks, Jason connects on an intimate, intense and individual level. His story is moving. His words excite. His energy is infectious. Jason does not just speak to speak; he speaks a language that educates and elevates.

As one of the leading voices for young people, Jason is on a mission to remind them it is never too late to reach greatness.

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Every month, Jason will be selecting a middle school, high school and college student for the Inspiration Spotlight. The Inspiration Spotlight recognizes student-leaders who are making a positive impact at their school and within the community. Those interested in nominating a student for the Inspiration Spotlight, please complete the form. Nominations for February are due by January 28.

January Inspiration Spotlight Winners

Middle School

Name: Steven Stuart

Grade: Seventh

School: Navarre Elementary

City: Toledo

State: Ohio

"Steven is becoming such a great young man. He made the honor roll and got accepted into the young scholar's program. I'm proud of how he continues to grow as a leader and set big goals for himself. He has a bright future ahead, and I believe he is going to do anything he sets his mind to achieve." - Latoya Boyd

High School

Name: Yusef Gardner

Grade: Junior

School: St. John's Jesuit High School

City: Toledo

State: Ohio

"Yusuf is known to have a natural spirit of friendliness about him. He's a jack of all trades, having dabbled in entrepreneurship early in life, learned how to build a boat and paint houses. He is very giving and takes every opportunity given to him to help others in and outside of school." -  Lladheena Shabazz


Name: Brandon Ford

Grade: Senior

School: Wilmington College

City: Wilmington

State: Ohio

"I met Brandon when I spoke at Wilmington. I was very impressed with his focus, maturity, and commitment to better himself. He is studying Accounting, Communications and minoring in Music. All that speaks to his talent and ability. What's more impressive is his heart to impact people positively."- Jason A. Dixon

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