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"My mission is to help young people realize they hold the key to success."

The letter Jason discovered one day had been stored away for 20 years. Each word strung together, line by line with morbid glee. It explained how doctors struggled to identify the cause of his medical condition and how the muscles in his hands and legs would likely weaken.

“It will be a miracle if Jason is not in a wheelchair by the time he turns 13,” the letter read. Suddenly, it all made sense.

Jason built his life on defying the odds. He was not one to give in to difficult circumstances. He rose above them. Jason’s parents saw those qualities in him at an early age, which is why they never told him about the letter. They agreed to rely on faith and watch their eldest son make believers of anyone who doubted him.

Jason became a walking miracle. However, the journey he traveled was not without downfalls. As a boy growing up in Toledo, Ohio, Jason had difficulty fitting in. His shy nature kept him in seclusion for much of his childhood, and his medical condition created barriers for him in school and sports.

About the time Jason was ready to call it quits, an English teacher intervened. What she saw in the timid high school freshman was a gift for writing and speaking.

Her belief gave Jason a newfound sense of purpose and determination. He went on to become Junior Class President and Homecoming King his senior year. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from Bowling Green State University, becoming the first in his family to graduate from college.

After covering sports and co-hosting a talk show, Jason served as a high school and college basketball coach, teacher and, mental health specialist. He enjoyed his professional experiences, but his heart was ultimately in sharing messages that empowered young people. So, Jason bravely left behind his career and set out on a mission to pursue a new path.

Buoyed by his relentless drive to reach young people uniquely and uncoventionally, Jason founded Inspire 2 Reach Higher LLC.

Through I2RH, Jason began an unprecedented climb to success, and developed a platform for young people to cultivate their leadership skills, tap into their creative ability, and chase after their dreams.

He traveled from schools to corporate meetings, churches to conventions and colleges to conferences focused on instilling hope and transforming lives.

A fearless leader, innovator, and visionary, Jason became known as “The Greatness Coach.” His blend of inspirational teaching, motivational coaching, and passionate speaking have profoundly impacted students, parents, educators, coaches and youth organizations.

Jason is also an Author, an Educator, and a member of Youth Speaker University. He has appeared on newscasts, television shows, and radio programs. All of this is merely the tip-of-the-iceberg for a pioneer ready to change the world.

Jason kept the letter his doctors wrote. It serves as a reminder of what he has endured, what he needs to live up to, and the legacy he longs to leave. He wants the words “uninspired” and “young people” to no longer be synonymous. Until then, his mission to help young people discover their greatness and reach their potential will continue.